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Some Links from "The Best Software Writing 1"

I picked up this book The Best Software Writing I in Barnes and Noble in New Jersey last November (2006); I was inspired by the back cover text, where the editor raged against the generally poor standard of writing by programmers, and how books like his aimed to set a standard for good writing on software. Amen brother!

(Only later did I realise that the editor is Joel Spolsky, of Joel On Software fame.)

Most if not all the essays in the book are available for free on the web. Still it was great to be able to read them in a book. And if some of them annoyed me, others made me think about things in a new way or from a different viewpoint, or introduced me to concepts that were completely new to me - which makes it all more than worthwhile for me.

Anyway I've assembled a set of links here to the ones that I liked the best:

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