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About these pages

Hi, thanks for visiting!

I'm Pete and this is my online record of books that I've read, which I'm been maintaining since the start of 2006. Back then it was just a set of simple static web pages hosted on Yahoo's (free and now sadly defunct) Geocities service, which I manually updated from time to time with short "reviews" each time I finished a book.

Over time the lists (and reviews) got longer and the pages became more time-consuming to maintain by hand. So after Geocities closed in October 2008 I decided I should write a small web application to help me manage the book lists and reviews. I finally began the project in the summer of 2010, had a beta version running a couple of months later at the end of September, and put the "official" first version online just before the end of the year.

I'm maintaining these lists primarily for personal enjoyment, and the reviews do vary in length (and quality). Nevertheless I hope if you're visiting that you find something of interest here.

Happy reading!

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